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Herding Sessions

Herding Training is a great way to allow your dog to use it's instincts and energy in a controlled environment.

Being able to 'give your dog a job' and cater to the built in drive to work that all working breeds have results in a more balanced, happier dog at home and also improves your bond and understanding of each other.

Working Dogs are genetically set up to work, they love to work.

Our Services include ...

Genetic Fulfillment in Herding Dogs
Herding Dog Training
Herding Dog Training Hawkesbury

How to Start your Herding Journey

If you are new to herding we require you to either attend one of our Introductory Herding Workshops, or book one of our Introduction to Herding Breeds Packages.

Herding Dog Training Hawkesbury

These are held on 1 selected weekend/month in the above mentioned time frame.

Herding Dog Training Hawkesbury

One on One Sessions

To qualify for our limited One on One Herding Sessions you will have to meet at least one of the following criteria:

Herding Dog Training Hawkesbury

Meet one or more of the above criteria? Enquire for a One on One Herding Session Spot by sending an enquiry form through the link below:

Frequent Questions:

At what age is my pup ready for herding sessions?
- We don't recommend starting herding sessions before the age of 6 months. At 6 months old your pup will be ready for herding sessions depending on their individual development.

Is my dog too old to start herding sessions?
- There is no age limit. If your dog has medical conditions please contact us to discuss further. Otherwise there is no reason your senior should not be able to have a go at herding.

What do I need to bring on the day?
- Just bring yourself, your lead/collar of choice and don't forget your dog.

Drinking Water, Dipping/Refreshment Water and Sheep/Expertise are provided

Do I need to prepare my dog?
- There is no need to start a big exercise regimen or go on a fancy diet. Recap on your basic obedience and we will pick up from there.


Without awareness and training a herding breed's instinct has the potential to trigger behavioural problems like:

- chasing moving objects (cars, kids, bikes...)

- hyperactivity

- biting and nipping
- destructive behaviour
- uncontrollable barking

While herding gives dogs an outlet, satisfying their instincts and providing the highest possible level of mental stimulation for their intelligent minds, it doesn't offer a magical fix for the quirks listed above. Herding in combination with consistent, calm and assertive routine and training can be an amazing tool to further a dog's education.

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