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About Hooked On Hounds

Hooked on Hounds was founded by Nat and Dan who have both been involved with dogs since they were kids.


While working with dogs and their owners we have noticed many people struggling with behavioural issues which are based on a lack of or complete miscommunication between dog and human. Dogs are supposed to be man's best friend, but for many they can be more challenging to live with. Having to worry about going for walks, what encounter is going to trigger reactivity or other simple exercises like having guests over is often making dog ownership a lot more difficult than it has to be.

With our immense passion for dogs and our combined years of experience we are keen to help people reconnect with their best friend and learn to understand each other on a whole new level.


Learning to speak your dogs language and understand its psychology is an important step on the way to success. 

In addition to behavioural issues based on reactivity it has come to our attention that many people are enjoying the company of herding breeds as pets. While we know these breeds make amazing companions and are extremely smart and loving we are also aware that they often come with an inbuilt energy level that no afternoon walk can fix.
This is why we have decided to add herding sessions to our program to give those herding dogs in the city an outlet for their energy and owners an additional tool to strengthen their human-canine bond.


Our Team

Our Team

With our love and passion for all things dog we are hoping to be able to help you connect with your best friend on a deeper level!

Daniel - Owner and Head Trainer

Trainer Dan

Dans passion for dogs started early when growing up with his grandfathers Rottweilers. After sticking with breeds like Rottweilers and French Bordeaux for Obedience Training he then got hooked on herding breeds and bought his first Kelpie. Now he has developed the start of his own working line of Kelpies and is a successful competitor spending many of his spare weekends at Yard and Utility Trials as well as giving the occasional Three-Sheep Competition a go.

2017 - 2023
East Kurrajong Kelpie Stud
Australian Working Stock Dog Magazine
Hooked On Working Dogs
EK Kelpies
Dog Torque
Trainer Nat
Tiree Kelpies

Nat - Owner, Admin and Trainer

Nat grew up always wanting her own dog but having to rely on friends and neighbours for her canine fix, walking dogs whenever she could get her hand on one. After moving to a cattle station in Central Queensland she used the opportunity to get into working dogs and ended up with a large team of 16 Kelpies which she educated cattle with. She started her own line of Kelpies specialised to cattle work and spent 7 Years fine tuning and learning all about this amazing breed. Since moving she has downsized her team and is now giving the occasional Trial a go. 

2014 - 2021  
Tiree Rural Contracting & Working Dogs | Facebook
Certificate in Dog Psychology, Behaviour & Training 
Hooked on Working Dogs
International Accreditation

Shayne - Kennel Manager and Trainer

Canine Scent Training

Hayley - Assistant Kennel Manager and Trainer


Tiana - Weekend Trainer

Our Methods

Our Training Methods

As you might have gathered by now, we love dogs and everything involving their wellbeing. This is, why it is normal for us to learn as much as possible about all different training approaches available and assess which way works best for us and the dog in front of us.

We don't limit ourselves to a specific method, but follow an open minded, tailored approach in which we assess every dog individually and work out what makes them tick.

From there we will proceed to formulate a training plan that suits the nature and temperament at hand.

Balanced training? Yep!

Free Shaping? Definitely a great tool!

Work around Lead Pressure? Handy!

Classic Conditioning! Who doesn't!?

Clicker Training? Nice!

Our Canine Team

Our Canine Team

Click Kelpie

Reactive Dog Hypnotist, Living Garden Ornament, Lone Wolf, Plays with male Dogs only

Moe Kelpie

Pack Leader, Open Yard Dog, Herding Session Instructor and Behavioural Session Support

Trick Kelpie

Mum of the Pack, Loves Everyone, Professional at playing 'Bang', will sell soul for any amount of food

Soda Belgian Malinois

Super smart, super energetic, super busy. Loves playing tug and will sell her soul for a good cuddle. 

Captain Minature Dachshund

Mum's Boy, Ferocious Guard Dog, Knows he is Cute and will use it to his advantage

Sally Kelpie

Hypo ADHD kid, loves people, loves sheep, loves dogs, loves food, loves it when you love it when she loves life...

Summer German Shepherd

Has had a rough start to life, but found her forever home with us. Loves Nat, tolerates Dan. Will do anything for food!


Very smart, very driven, loves to use his nose. Big softie one second, ferocious protection dog the next.


Melts for cuddles, loves water, capable sheep dog. Too smart for her own good. 

Competitions and Achievements

Dan entered the Sheepdog Trialling World in 2017, while Nat started competing after she moved to NSW in 2021.

Dan - 7 Years of Competiton



Wellington Yard Dog Trial - 1st Encourage

Mudgee Yard Dog Trial - 2nd Encourage

Rydal Yard Dog Trial - 3rd Encourage


Harden Yard Dog Trial  - 1st Encourage



Dubbo Yard Dog Trial  - 2nd Novice

Bathurst Yard Dog Trial - 1st Maiden

                                                       - 4th Novice


Hawkesbury Yard Dog Trial - 4th Novice

Illabo Yard Dog Trial - 1st Novice

Rylestone Yard Dog Trial - 2nd Novice

Narromine Yard Dog Trial - 4th Novice

Blaney Yard Dog Trial - 2nd Novice


Hawkesbury Yard Dog Trial - 2nd Novice

Rydal Yard Dog Trial - 4th Novice

Eugowra Yard Dog Trial - 4th Novice

Narromine Yard Dog Trial  - 3rd Maiden

                                                                1st Novice

Won Rookie of the Year 2018



NSW Yard Dog Championship - 3rd Novice

Rylestone Yard Dog Trial - 2nd Novice


NSW Yard Dog Championship - 5th Novice

Rylestone Yard Dog Trial - 3rd Novice

                                                            2nd Open


Rylestone Yard Dog Trial - 1st Novice

                                                            1st Open


- limited trialling due to Covid 19 -


Gundagai Yard Dog Trial - 2nd Novice

Gundagai Three Sheep Trial - 1st Novice



Yeoval Yard Dog Trial - 1st Novice


Yass Yard Dog Trial - 3rd Maiden



Oberon Yard Dog Trial - 3rd Improver

Gundagai Yard Dog Trial - 1st Improver

Henty Field Day Trials - 5th Improver

Nyngan Utility Championships - 5th Open

Tarana Yard Dog Trial - 3rd Open


Rydal Yard Dog Trial - 4th Open

Oberon Yard Dog Trial - 4th Improver

Gundagai Yard Dog Trial - 4th Improver

Gunning Yard Dog Trial - 2nd Open 

Blaney Yard Dog Trial - 3rd Open

Yass Yard Dog Trial - 1st Improver

                                                4th Open

Ultimate Stock Dog Challenge - 11th all Up - 2nd Cattle (93) - Equal 3rd Paddock (90)

Sydney Yard Dog Championship - 3rd Open

Tarana Yard Dog Trial - 4th Open


Henty Field Day Trials - 2nd Maiden

                                                      4th Novice



Gunning Yard Dog Trial - 1st Open


Gunning Yard Dog Trial - 1st Novice

                                                         1st Open



Gunnedah Yard Dog Trial - 1st Novice

                                                             3rd Improver


Forbes Yard Dog Trial  - 1st Maiden

                                                      2nd Novice

Nat - 2 Years of Competiton



Bathurst Yard Dog Trial - 2nd Encourage



Rydal Yard Dog Trial - 2nd Encourage 

Bathurst Yard Dog Trial - 1st Encourage

Scone Yard Dog Trial - 4th Novice


Southern NSW Yard Dog Championship - 1st Encourage

Came Equal 2nd for Rookie of the Year 2023
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