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Behavioural/Obedience sessions aim to set you and your dog up to establish a better understanding of each other. Being able to understand your dogs behaviour and 'speak its language' is a helpful tool to create a harmonious life together.

We use the same paths of communication wild dogs use to communicate with each other to directly access your dogs responsive side. From here dogs will respect and trust our guidance to form habits that lead to a balanced mindset.

Wolves don't reward each other's behaviour with food. 

We do not condemn any type of training and agree that every form of conditioning has it's place in the canine world. However our initial methods do not involve the use of food and are based on breaking down the language barrier between dogs and humans by using body language as well as positive reinforcement to communicate with our dogs.

Once we have taught and established basic communication, we assess what training paths will work best for you and your dog and formulate a tailored plan to suit your specific needs.

Through learning to correctly communicate with your dog you will have access to the tools to be able to address behaviours like:

- pulling on the lead

- chewing and digging

- biting and nipping
- jumping on people
- uncontrollable barking

- reactivity towards strange people/objects
- resource guarding

Following your guidance allows your dog to free it's mind and settle into a better self.

Suited for dogs 6 Months and over.
We work with dogs of all breeds and temperaments. This includes dogs aggressive towards people and other dogs. Please don't hesitate to contact us.
What we cover:
  • Learning to speak your Dogs Language

  • Establishing a Recall

  • Tackling Impulse Control

  • Basic Commands

  • Understanding Rules, Respect and Socialisation

  • Bed/Crate Training

  • Resource Guarding

  • Discouraging unwanted Behaviours

For Herding Breeds like Kelpies, Collies, Koolies, Cattle Dogs etc. we also recommend Herding Sessions as an Energy Outlet to tackle common issues like chasing moving objects, hyperactivity and more.
We offer the following services:
Obedience and Behavioural Dog Training

One on One Behavioural/Obedience Session - 3 hours - on weekdays ONLY

Behavioural/Obedience Training is also part of our Board & Train Packages

We currently book around 3-4 Months in advance
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