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Hypro Premium Ambassador


Premium Dog Boarding

We offer Boarding from overnight all the way up to long term stays. 

Our Facilities

We are located on acreage at East Kurrajong in the Hawkesbury. 

Needless to say we have more than enough space to allow our guests to have the time of their life.

Board and Train Facilities
Boarding Facilities
Board and Train Facilities
Board and Train Facilities

All Inclusive Stays

Just bring your dog, we take care of the rest!

All Inclusive Dog Boarding
Hypro Premium Petfood
Hypro Premium Petfood
Hypro Premium Petfood
Paw Pantry

Daily Enrichment

Fun times tailored to each and every individual dog.

Boarding Play Time
Boarding Agility
Boarding Walks
Boarding Quality Time
Boarding Enrichment
Boarding Socialisation

Premium Boarding

Premium Dog Boarding


We train your dog and give it's understanding of desired behaviours a head-start. Then we train you ...

The Basics

All dogs are started on the basics. We assess the baseline they are at and start working with them based on what knowledge they present with when they first start working with us.

Training Leash Skills
Training Down Stay
Training Sit Stay
Training On Off Leash Recall
Training Bed Command

Dog Specific Training

Depending on the dog and training needed, we continue to concentrate on tailored aspects to help where needed.

Behavioural Barrier Reactivity
Behavioural Multi Dog Dynamics
Behavioural Leash Reactivity
Behavioural Resource Guarding
Behavioural Confidence Building

And much more...

Board and Train Package Options

Dog Boarding and Training
Dog Boarding and Training


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