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Canine Scent Training
Scent Training

We are excited to work with Shayne from Canine Scent Training, who is sharing his knowledge about training Detection Dogs.

At the current point in time we are working on developing 60min one on one Sessions which will be available on selected afternoons.

Each Session will be tailored to the individual dog and handler and their progress as a team. 

To apply for a spot, please fill out the form below.

We will work through all applications and get in contact with suitable applicants once we have sessions available.

Basic Requirements:

- Basic Obedience (Recall, Engagement, Sit)

- Toy and/or Food drive (Toy drive more desirable than food drive)

Canine Scent Training

Please fill out the following Form if you would like to express your interest in Scent Training.

Has your dog been trained with a Marker?
Does your dog have a Favourite Toy/Reward?
Is your dog Food Driven
Does your dog have any Behvioural Issues?

Thanks for submitting!

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